Using data driven methods from statistics and machine learning, my work lies at the intersection between social science and computer science.

Recently, I have been working quite a bit with neural networks to study data privacy and institutions in governance. Some of my projects have had a particular focus on Latin America.

You can read my Political Science papers in the Journal of Politics or International Interactions, among others. I presented findings relevant to Computer Science at the International Conference on Machine Learning and the Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy Workshop Series.

I regularly collaborate with private and public institutions as a consultant.


March 2022 Doug Atkinson, Carsten Schulz and myself will present our paper “The Impact of Minimal Participation Rules on Multilateral Cooperation” at the ISA 2022 Annual Convention.

February 2022 I will be teaching the Masterclass on Deep Learning at the Q-Step Centre in Warwick again this year. The class is on Feb. 7th—all still online this year. To book, follow this link.

February 2022 The module homepage for the flipped PL9239 Intro to Data Science is live again.

December 2021 Hannah Bechara, Slava Jankin and myself will be presenting our paper “The Politics of Psychological Distance” at the Online Workshop of the Comparative Party Pledges Project organized by Robert Thomson.

November 2021 The paper “Hidden in Plain Sight? Irregularities on Statutory Forms and Electoral Fraud” with Zach Warner, J. Andy Harris and Michelle Brown was just published in the December volume of Electoral Studies.

August 2021 The paper “Scaling Court Decisions with Citation Networks” with Benjamin Engst and Thomas Gschwend is forthcoming in The Journal of Law and Courts.

July 2021 Looking for the material for the Deep Learning Workshop at the CIVICA Summer School? This is the Repo.

July 2021 Jac Larner, Fraser McMillan and I managed to secure some funding that will help us collect and annotate the election pledges from Wales’ parties.

July 2021 I will step in as Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) at the School. Looking forward to keep building an environment that allows our PhD students to thrive.

March 2021 The programme for the 1st PolMeth Europe is online now.

February 2021 ICLR 2021will have a workshop on the quality, privacy and bias of synthetic data. Submit your proposals until Feb 26th here. I will be on the Programme Committee and am looking forward to reading loads of SocSci related work.