Using data driven methods from statistics and machine learning, my work lies at the intersection between social science and computer science.

Recently, I have been working quite a bit with neural networks to study data privacy and institutions in governance. Some of my projects have had a particular focus on Latin America.

You can read about my findings in the Journal of Politics, International Interactions or the Journal of Politics in Latin America.


July 2020 Our paper “Hidden in Plain Sight: Detecting Electoral Fraud Using Statutory Results” with J. Andrew Harris and Zach Warner was accepted for this year’s XXXVII Polmeth.

June 2020 Benjamin Engst (Mannheim), Thomas Gschwend (Mannheim) and finished a new working paper: Scaling Lower Court Decisions. [paper]

June 2020 I spoke at CogX: “Using Artificial Intelligence to Address Electoral Integrity Issues” presents our project with J. Andrew Harris (NYU Abu Dhabi), Zach Warner (Cardiff) and Michelle Brown (National Democratic Institute) and showcases our efforts to detect voting fraud even in remote areas of developing countries. [youtube]

May 2020 David Doyle (Oxford), Nina Wiesehomeier (I.E. School of Global Public Affairs) and I have a new working paper: How Presidents Answer the Call of International Capital. [paper]

April 2020 Marcel Neunhoeffer (Mannheim) and I published our working paper Really Useful Synthetic Data — Promises and Challenges of Releasing Sensitive Information With Differentially Private Data Synthesizers. [paper]