Using data-driven methods from statistics and machine learning, my work lies at the intersection between social science and computer science.

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University. I am also an Associated Faculty Member of the NLP Group at Cardiff University and an Affiliate at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government at the University of Birmingham. Before that, I was at Oxford University and worked as a Data Scientist in industry. I graduated with a PhD in Political Science from the Graduate School of the University of Mannheim.

You can read my Political Science papers in the Journal of Politics, Political Science Research and Methods or International Interactions, among others. I presented findings relevant to Computer Science at the International Conference on Machine Learning and the Theory and Practice of Differential Privacy Workshop Series.

I regularly collaborate with private and public institutions as a consultant.


September 2024 I am joining the DVPW Tagung in Göttingen with new work on how to how to use LLMs to inductively define concepts.

September 2024 At APSA 2024, I am presenting the paper “Structuring Quantitative Image Analysis” with Andreas Küpfer.

July 2024 At EPSA 2024, Andreas Küpfer and myself will present the new paper “Structuring Quantitative Image Analysis”.

May 2024 Our new workingpaper on ‘Words as Triggerpoints in Social Media’ is live on arXiv (with Dimosthenis Antypas Jose Camacho-Collados, Nedjma Ousidhoum and Carla Perez Almendros from CardiffNLP).

May 2024 Andreas Küpfer and I pushed our working paper Alignment Helps Make the Most of Multimodal Data to arXiv.

May 2024 I am at COMPTEXT presenting new work: “Triggerpoints in Social Media” with the colleagues from the Cardiff NLP Group and on “Structuring Quantitative Image Analysis” with Andreas Küpfer.

April 2024 I am teaching a 3-day “Introduction to Deep Learning” course at GESIS.

April 2024 Andreas Küpfer and myself present our paper “Making the Most of Multimodal Data” at the 81st MPSA conference 2024 in Chicago.

November 2023 I am teaching the Masterclass on Deep Learning at the Q-Step Centre in Warwick on November 27th. To book, follow this link.

November 2023 Andreas Küpfer and myself will present our paper “Making the Most of Multimodal Data” again, this time at the IASGP 2023 Annual Conference.

October 2023 I am presenting two papers at the 2023 PSAI Annual Conference in Belfast. How Alignment Helps Make the Most of Multimodal Data (with Andreas Küpfer) and The Politics of the Psychological Distance (with Hannah Bechara and Slava Jankin).

October 2023 Our paperHow Presidents Answer the Call of International Capital” with David Doyle and Nina Wiesehomeier was accepted with the Journal of Politics in Latin America. We show how pressure from international capital forces Latin American presidents to reframe state-of-the-union speeches and announce more market friendly economic policy positions.

September 2023 Carsten-Andreas Schulz and myself have a new workingpaper out. We study the role of minimum participation rules in multilateral treaty cooperation. Our study offers the first comprehensive examination of the effects that provision point mechanisms have on incentivizing states to ratify international agreements.

August 2023 I am teaching Deep Learning for Multi-Model Systems again at the Hertie Data Science Summer School. You can register here.

July 2023 New Workingpaper: “The Role of Hyperparameters in Machine Learning Models and How to Tune Them“. Luka Biedbach, Andreas Küpfer, Marcel Neunhoeffer and I suggest: Handle HPs with the same loving care as parameter estimates—you could end up choosing the wrong model.

July 2023 We will present our paper “Making the Most of Multimodal Data” also at the 8th Conference of the Standing Group on Parliaments in Vienna.

June 2023 Andreas Küpfer and myself will present our paper “Making the Most of Multimodal Data” also at EPSA’s 13th annual conference in Glasgow.