Teaching means empowering others to reach their goals.

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea of empowerment. Every student is different and has distinct, and very personal goals and motivations. Some are looking for tools to implement change as practitioners, others are eager to develop a career as researchers or seek to grow personally.

The key to lecture such a diverse and challenging group is to involve students as much as possible. Students need to be aware that it is they themselves who are responsible to reach their own goals. In return, it is my task to direct them to the necessary tools to acquire the knowledge and skills they strive for.

PL 9337 Latin American Politics

During the Autumn term, I am reguarly teaching the third year module on Latin American Politics at Cardiff University. Latin America is a fascinating place to study, and it could not be more timely.

PL 9248 Data Science for Politics and IR

During Spring term I am teaching the fully flipped ‘Data Science for Politics and IR’ to Cardiff’s students. This way to the module homepage.

PL 9194 Introduction to Political Science

Also during spring I am heading the ‘Intro to PolSci’ module. The content is managed centrally on the module homepage of Cardiff’s Learning Central.

Workshops on Deep Learning

I am regularly running a workshops and masterclasses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning at all levels. You can take a look at the teaching material on my github page, for example for the quick and dirty Intro to Deep Learning at the Comptext Conference ’23, the Deep Learning class for Civica in ’21 or the Multimodal Deep Learning workshop at DS3 for the Hertie School in ’22.